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Divs are a race of fiends native to Abaddon that exist only to cause harm and destruction. Closely related to daemons and the other fiends of the Outer Sphere, many planar scholars believe them to be descended from the spirits of the first evil genies. These creatures vary in power, yet all have similar traits that link them, such as telepathy, summoning powers, energy immunities and resistances. They generally speak Abyssal, Celestial and Infernal.[1]

Ahriman is the most powerful Div and rules as their supreme lord.[1]

Types of Divs[]

Doru take the form of floating heads with writhing hair, bestial teeth and huge horns and serve their more powerful brethren as messengers and spies.[2]
Fearsome menaces of the ocean that have the ability to walk on land as well. Ghawwas are the bane of all sailors.[3]
The androgynous pairakas, embodiments of corruption and disease, manipulate human sexuality and taboo desires and break down relationships.[4]
The fearsome shir revel in the joy of the hunt, stalking only the most canny of foes, as anything else is a waste of their exceptional talent.[5]
Hulking tyrants that use their physical strength to dominate weaker creatures, Sepids make for truly fearsome opponents.[6]


Species of Div