Dire bat
Type Animal
CR 2
Environment any temperate or tropical

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 30

The giant cousins of the common bat, dire bats are nocturnal hunters far more deadly than their smaller, more mundane cousins.


Dire bats resemble their smaller blood drinking cousins grown to massive proportions. Their bodies while light can grow to the size of an ox and there wingspans average 15 feet though they can grow to much larger. Despite their enormous size the light weight frames they only weigh around 200 pounds.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Dire bats are nocturnal creatures, their preferred lairs are normally remote caves or similarly isolated, sheltered locations where they can sleep away the day and emerge to hunt in the post dusk skies. Not all dire bats hunt beneath the night skies some stalking the endless black of the Darklands. Unlike their smaller cousins dire bats do not tend to live in vast colonies of thousands, many in fact are solitary and most groups of dire bats contain at most eight adults. Despite their fearsome appearance for the most part they do not prey on human preferring larger, more docile prey like livestock or similarly sized grazing animals.[1]