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Dimension of Time
Titles The Hidden Dimension
Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Denizens Time elementals
Description Realm accessible by magically entering one's own timeline

The Dimension of Time is a poorly-understood realm which exists concurrently to the planes of the Inner Sphere, much in the same way as the Ethereal. What little is known on Golarion about this demiplane is from the strange tome known as the Book of Serpents, Ash, and Acorns—Shadows of What Was and Will Be. The techniques contained in the book allow a creature of the Inner Sphere to conjure a manifest expression of their own timeline and crawl up it to the Dimension of Time. Those native to the Outer Sphere, including deities, are unable to access this demiplane. Fate seems to hold sway over mortals only, forcing others to look on as from a distant shore. Upon arriving on the plane, travelers find themselves in a transparent bubble surrounded by countless, chaotic images from their past. A single exit provides access to any moment in their own life, providing they can remember it fully and maintain continuous concentration. Any attempt to change the past, however, results in a swift reaction. Offenders are either excised from reality completely or trapped in an inescapable time loop. Travelers trail translucent cords radiating from their mid-sections, in much the same way as on the Astral Plane.[1]


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