Type Undead
Environment Any

Source: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg(s). 79

Deathwebs are the reanimated exoskeletons of gargantuan monstrous spiders filled with swarms of their smaller spider brethren.


Deathwebs are made of the dead exoskeletons of truly massive spiders, and are normally at least as large as houses and sometimes even larger. They appear much like the spiders they were in life except now their huge exoskeletons are cracked and leaking swarms of poisonous spiders. They move faster than their unnatural, dead bodies should allow.[1]

Habitats & EcologyEdit

Deathwebs are undead and as such have no real place in the natural world. Deathwebs are usually found underground, in mountain caves or beneath the canopy of ancient forests often these areas boasted old magic. While often created by powerful necromancers worryingly deathwebs can rise spontaneously usually in areas crawling with insectile vermin or in areas that have played host to dark spider cults.[1]


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Poison Swarms 
Deathwebs are constantly surrounded by the swarms of poisonous spiders like the ones within their body. These spiders attack any who approach the deathweb.
Much like the spiders they once were, deathwebs can produce webs to ensnare their prey.[1]