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David Schwartz
David Schwartz
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David Schwartz was selected out of a pool of over 150 contestants in the 2007 GameMastery Module Open Call contest, granting him his first Paizo cover credit for W3: Flight of the Red Raven. In addition to his contributions to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, David's work has also appeared in such publications as Kobold Quarterly, Dungeon, and Dragon, dating back to 2004.

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
Flight of the Red Raven 0805May 2008 W3
Lament for Emerald Rains"Lament for Emerald Rains" 0810October 2008 PF15 (66)
Ruyintan Caravanserai"Ruyintan Caravanserai" 0908July 2009 KQ10 (80)
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