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Hometown Edmonton, Alberta
Position Contributor

Born in Michigan but raised primarily in Virginia, Dave Gross has been a writer, editor, and teacher while migrating westward through Wisconsin and eventually to Washington, where he ran out of continent and had to turn north. Now he lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Among other publications, Dave has stories in Forgotten Realms compilations Realms of Magic, Realms of Mystery, and Realms of the Dragons, and he was one of the Sembia Seven, author of "Thirty Days" in The Halls of Stormweather and the novels Black Wolf and Lord of Stormweather. He is the T.H. Lain responsible for The Sundered Arms. At various times the editor of Polyhedron, Dungeon, Dragon, Star Wars Insider, Star Wars Gamer, and Amazing Stories, Dave is now a masterless editor and writer.[1]

His Pathfinder fiction debuted in The Bastards of Erebus in August 2009 with the first chapter of his six-part Pathfinder's Journal novella, Hell's Pawns. He is the author of Prince of Wolves, the first Pathfinder novel, and "The Lost Pathfinder", which launched Pathfinder Tales web fiction.

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Blackrose Gardens"Blackrose Gardens" (Hell's Pawns) 1001January 2010 PF29 (70)
Goat Pen"The Goat Pen" (Hell's Pawns) 0911November 2009 PF27 (70)
House Henderthane"House Henderthane" (Hell's Pawns) 0909September 2009 PF26 (74)
Lost Pathfinder"The Lost Pathfinder" 1006June 2010 WF1
Palace of Jubilations"The Palace of Jubilations" (Hell's Pawns) 0912December 2009 PF28 (74)
Plaza of Flowers"The Plaza of Flowers" (Hell's Pawns) 0908August 2009 PF25 (68)
Prince of Wolves 1008August 2010 PoW
Scions Academy"The Scions Academy" (Hell's Pawns) 1002February 2010 PF30 (70)
Winter Witch 1011November 2010 WW
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