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Darkwood is a species of rare magical hardwood which is exceptionally light, weighing generally half as much as woods of the same hardness.[1]


Darkwood thrives in old growth forests in south-central Avistan, especially the Darkmoon Vale region of northern Andoran. The Forest Elder in the center of Darkmoon Wood is generally considered to be the oldest specimen of the species in Andoran, and perhaps the oldest in the whole continent.[2][3] The trees can also be found throughout the world from the wilds of the Screaming Jungle to the Druman city of Macridi.[4][5]


The monopolistic Lumber Consortium has made a fortune off the increasingly rare darkwood harvests coming from the region, and they continue to work their employees to the bone in order to bring in ever more profits from the dwindling resource. The Consortium harvests approximately 350,000 board feet of darkwood annually (which constitutes roughly 5% of its total logging operation) from its cutyards in Darkmoon Wood.[6]


Darkwood harvested by the Lumber Consortium is used almost exclusively in the shipyards of Almas and Augustana,[7] though it can be substituted for other hardwoods in other applications as well, and is frequently used to make light weapons and shields. Darkwood leaves can be fermented into a potent alcoholic beverage and The Sitting Duck tavern in Falcon's Hollow has made a name for itself by serving this regional brew.[8]