Darkmoon Vale is the wilderness region in northwestern Andoran stretching from Arthfell Forest on its southern border to Darkmoon Wood and Droskar's Crag in the north. The River Foam is the primary waterway in the region and cuts a line through the center of the Vale. While Darkmoon Vale consists mostly of untamed wilderness, rife with kobolds, fey, and werewolves, it nevertheless hosts several mentionable settlements, including Falcon's Hollow, Olfden, Oregent and Piren's Bluff. Despite the region's many dangers, Andoran remains interested in the Vale's natural resources, from darkwood to silver, and its access to the Isger border.[1]

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The Novotnian family of Darkmoon Vale is known throughout Andoran and beyond for developing advanced falconry techniques.[2]

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