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In the Darklands, civilized (and not-so civilized) societies function with little contact from surface-folk. Due to this isolation, the languages spoken by Golarion's subterranean inhabitants have evolved and developed quite independently from those of their surface-dwelling counterparts.


Aklo is a language found in remote pockets of the Darklands, and is thought to have otherworldly origins. It is believed to be the language of the serpentfolk.[1], but also spoken by creatures as diverse as the linnorm[2], neothelid[3], aboleth[4], shoggoth[5], and gibbering mouther.[6]


Canto is a primitive language found in the Darklands. Communication is achieved though percussive hits on body parts, weapons or cavern walls, and is designed to travel long distances through echoing tunnels.[1]

Dark Folk[]

This secretive language is spoken exclusively by the twin races of the dark creepers and the dark stalkers.[7]

Drow Sign Language[]

See Sakvroth below


Gug is a language of the Darklands spoken by the grotesque giants known as the gug. It consists of little other than gurgling and grunting.[1]


Necril is the muttering language spoken by the ravenous ghouls of the Darklands. It is a mixture of Aklo, Undercommon, and Osiriani, focusing on terms and concepts central to the ghouls' existence and morbid culture.[1][8]


Orvian is a truly ancient language still spoken in the Orvian Vaults of the Darklands. Some believe that it is descended from the language of the fabled Vault Keepers.[1]


Sakvroth is a secret sign language employed in the Darklands by creatures who wish to communicate without being overheard.[1] It is known to be used by the drow[9], although other creatures may have alternate versions.


Undercommon is the most widely spoken language of the Darklands.[1] It evolved from Elven and was repurposed by the drow over the centuries to fit their new homelands after the events of Earthfall. Eventually the language mutated so far that it was mutually unintelligible with its mother tongue.[10]

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