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Dark Tapestry
Author(s) Elaine Cunningham
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Released March 2009 - July 2009
Type serialized novella
Pages 48 pages
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Parts 6 parts
Follows Pathfinder's Journal
Precedes Hell's Pawns
For another meaning of "Dark Tapestry (fiction)", please see Dark Tapestry.

Dark Tapestry is the second serialized novella published in the pages of Pathfinder Adventure Path. Written by veteran Forgotten Realms novelist Elaine Cunningham, the six part series can be found in the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path. While Eando Kline served as the protagonist for Pathfinder's Journal, Dark Tapestry features a new Pathfinder, half-elf water druid Channa Ti.[1]


1. Double Dealings - Howl of the Carrion King (70)

Pathfinder Channa Ti is captured by gnoll slavers and dragged to the markets of Katapesh to be sold as a "water witch." But for good or ill, the deals made in Katapesh are seldom quite that simple and straightforward.

2. Justice Done, Betrayal, Repaid - House of the Beast (72)

Accused of murder, Channa races to reveal a killer, all the while heading closer to the mysterious sunken city her venture-captain directed her to.

3. Raising the Green Flag - The Jackal's Price (70)

Only by allying with an old foe can Channa Ti escape the clutches of the most unlikely of cultists.

4. Gemstones - The End of Eternity (70)

On her way to Sothis, Channa makes a new friend who she finds herself even closer to than even she anticipated when she stumbles upon an entirely unforeseen obstacle.

5. When Mermaids Laugh - The Impossible Eye (74)

The plot thickens as subterfuges are revealed, and Channa has the chance to prove her loyalty to her elven kin as she dives beneath the waves in search of a shipwreck.

6. The Drowned God - The Final Wish (68)

Channa and Lapis race against cultists to prevent a dark god from entering the world and our druid protagonist finds answers to many of the questions that have led her to this stunning conclusion.