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A derghodaemon

Daemons (pronounced DAY-mons)[1] are one of the youngest fiendish races, younger than mortal life but only just, created by the first cataclysms to unfairly wash away large numbers of lives. Their existence is tied in with the existence of the mortals they prey upon, those souls able to survive Abaddon long enough transforming into Daemons themselves. Their insidious evil is not influenced by notions of law and chaos, as daemons concern themselves only with the destruction of life itself.[2] Daemons seek this destruction as it allows them to feast on mortal souls, which is the focus of their existence. They are creatures of the apocalypse and seek the utter destruction of all things, to plunge the Great Beyond into absolute oblivion. The daemons make their home on the plane of Abaddon, thought to be one of the most hostile planes of the multiverse.[3]

The Four Horsemen[]

The leaders and greatest of all the daemons are the Four Horsemen, also known as the Daemons of the Apocalypse, or Archdaemons. Each of the Four Horsemen represent one of four ideals: war, disease, famine and death. The actual position of Horseman is a coveted title and is often fought for by the greatest members of daemonkind. Each horseman has his own legion of servitor daemons known as deacons or destroyers.[4] Each Horseman also boasts his own realm uniquely suited to what they represent. The current Four Horsemen are Apollyon, the horseman of pestilence, Charon, the horseman of death, Szuriel, the horseman of war, and Trelmarixian, the horseman of famine.[3] A fifth Horseman, known in forbidden texts as the Oinodaemon, is said to be superior even to the Four Horsemen in power and stature. Most believe he either never existed, or was killed by the remaining Horsemen long ago.[2][3]