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The Skinsaw Murders

Cyralie Foxglove
Alignment unspecified
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Magnimar
Died 4693 AR

Cyralie Foxglove was wife of Traver Foxglove and mother of Zeeva, Sendeli, and Aldern Foxglove.


Cyralie was a beautiful young woman known for her long red hair and impish smile.[1]


For most of Cyralie's life, she lived as one would expect the wife of any young, successful merchant in the Magnimar aristocracy to live. It wasn't until Traver moved the growing family north of the city to the abandoned Foxglove Manor that things started to change. In 4687 AR the Foxgloves not only settled in their new home, but also welcomed their first (and only), Aldern, into the family. Over the next few years, however, Cyralie and Traver began to grow apart, even as their three children were growing into shining examples of young aristocrats and merchants.[2] Cyralie came to believe that her husband was becoming distant and hermetic because of some influence of the house itself and in 4693 she did something about it. In a wild frenzy she burnt the servants' quarters to the ground and headed back into the manor to do the same there. As she attempted to light the northwestern bedroom of the second floor alight, Traver hurtled her through the window to the jagged rocks below, taking his own life only a few moments later after realizing what he had done. Cyralie's children were taken to an orphanage in Magnimar and later into the care of a distant relation in Korvosa.[3]