Following the return of the elves from their self-imposed Exile, an expedition to re-claim their abandoned city of Celwynvian was met with abject failure. Some of the elves who remained behind to greet Earthfall just following the exodus survived by taking refuge in the Underdark, where both their souls and visages were twisted into drow. Over the centuries, the city of Celwynvian became a stronghold for these dark elves, and upon their return, their more pure cousins were unable to take back the ruined city. In an effort to create a buffer zone to hide the humiliation of their dark secret from the non-elven world, as well as establish a forward base from where they could launch military efforts to take back the city, the elves established Crying Leaf a day's journey east.[1]

Crying Leaf is primarily a military outpost. Despite their desparation, the elves here rarely trade with outsiders, receiving instead frequent re-supplies from Kyonin via teleportation. Such is the importance the elven nation places on Crying Leaf's mission to retake Celwynvian.[2]

Crying Leaf boasts a contingent of Shin' Rakorath , who use it as a staging ground for the investigation and cover-up of drow appearances in the non-elven world[3]. Their chapter leader is Kaerishiel Neirenar, a hardened Ranger. The woman in charge of the settlement itself is Eviana Nirgassan, only a decade on the job after her predecessor was killed in one of the endless skirmishes to gain advantage over the drow.[4]

Crying Leaf
Nation Varisia
Region Mierani Forest
Size Village
Population 780
Demographics 98% elf, 2% half-elf
Government Conventional (ruling noble)
Alignment Chaotic good
Ruler Eviana Nirgassan

Source: The Armageddon Echo, pg(s). 12


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