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Type Undead
Environment any land, usually urban

Source: Hangman's Noose, pg(s). 29-30

A croaker is the soul of an innocent person falsely accused then hung for their crimes. They cannot go on to Pharasma's Boneyard, instead remaining condemned to undeath on the material plane until those guilty are brought to justice.


Croakers appear as bound floating spirits that look much like they did after they died. Their heads lolls horribly atop their broken necks and they are still covered in their death shroud except it has two holes: one that reveals a single hate filled eye and one that half shows its mouth.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Croakers tend to reside near where they were condemned to death, waiting for their chance to exact vengeance on those who wronged them. Unfortunately when it sees the living it does not bother about righteous vengeance and its burning hatred consumes it. An enraged croaker lusts to choke the life out of any living creature, trying to inflict its miserable fate on others. As an undead creature it has no place in the natural order of things.[1]


Gallows Bound
Croakers are bound to the gallows where they were hanged and cannot go far from them.
Hangmans Noose
Croakers can animate nearby rope turning it in to a hangman's noose so they can inflict their horrible demise on other living creatures.
Maddening touch
The very touch of a croaker drives the living mad and those who succumb utterly to it either kill themselves or slaughter their companions in an insane rage.[1]