The Creeping Watcher is a seventy foot high statue that resides in the very heart of the Vargas Swamp draped in vines and surrounded by dense trees. The Creeping Watchman resembles its sister statue the Crouching Jackal, its body is sleek and cat like though covered in carved scales while its head is clearly reptilian. Unlike the Crouching Jackal the Creeping Watcher is not carved from a single solid lump of stone, its eyes are made of some sort of luminous yellow stone. Like its sister statue the Creeping Watcher's origins are surrounded by mystery though it is generally held that the Creeping Watcher is the more sinister of the two statues, some even suppose that the Crouching Jackal serves as some sort of guardian keeping the Creeping Watcher in check. Whatever the truth is the location has a foul reputation nowadays as it is believed to be the site of foul worship and evil rituals.[1]