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Ustalav is split into twelve distinct counties, and while each county is still subservient to the monarch of Ustalav, Prince Aduard Ordranti III, the rulers of the individual counties are allowed a lot of independence. The counties can be split into two types, the Soivoda, which are still run by the noble families appointed millennia ago when Ustalav was first divided, and the Palatinates, which have thrown off the rule of their hereditary noble lords and are now governed by councils of prominent citizens. Finally, there is the county of Virlych. It is not technically a county as it has no government, or for that matter living citizens; it is the shattered remains of two former provinces: Virholt and Grodlych. These were ravaged during the reign of the Whispering Tyrant nearly a millennia ago and have never recovered. A full list of all the counties can be found below:[1][2][3]



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A land of mist-shrouded valleys with most of its inhabitants surrounding Lake Kavapesta.[2]


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Former home of Ustalav's capital, Ardeal is a land of faded glory, strewn with crumbling mansions and reminders of what has been lost.[2]


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A land of rocky hills and fields it is actually one of the best run counties despite the attitude of its unfriendly people.[2]


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A vibrant county surrounding the beating heart of Ustalav: its capital city Caliphas (city).[2]


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The breadbasket of all Ustalav, Canterwall also has to stand against the marauding orcs of the Hold of Belkzen.[3]


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Lozeri caters to the wealthy, putting on decadent entertainment organised by the council of well-off citizens that run the county.[3]


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This county has long served as a guard against the savage Kellids of the north and is a land littered with forts and castles, some inhabited some not.[2][3]


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A land of cold swamps and ancient woodland, Sinaria is renowned for the city of Karcau that sits on the banks of Lake Prophyria.[3]


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Ulcazar lies at the heart of the Hungry Mountains, and is ruled by the head priest (a former count) of the mysterious Monastery of the Veil.[3]


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A land of scattered forests and lakes, Varno seems to be affected by fickle weather-patterns that can lead to famine after years of plenty.[3]


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Versex is unsuitable for agriculture but rich in mineral wealth and home to many small, insular minor communities in the foothills of the Hungry Mountains.[3]


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A reasonably fertile land, Vieland is dotted by strange, ancient stone monoliths of unknown origins.[3]


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Virlych is the name given to the lifeless, haunted wasteland that surrounds the Whispering Tyrant's prison of Gallowspire.[3]