Council of Three and Nine
Leader None
Alignment Unknown
Headquarters Quantium
Scope National (Nex)

Until 576 AR[1] the land of Nex was ruled by the mighty archmage Nex, who was able to balance the country's various scheming political factions. The archmage disappeared in that year, and the factions began to fight each other. The formation of the Council of Three and Nine was an attempt to bring the factions back into (relative) harmony as the infighting could not be allowed to continue especially when the country was fighting for survival against the neighbouring nation of Geb. The council includes a representative each from the Nexian cities of Ecanus and Oenopion, and two representatives of the tribes who live in the wasteland. Currently, the council is dominated by the Three rather than the Nine. An agreement between any two of the Three is sufficient to veto any proposal agreed on by the Nine. The Three have held their postions for more than a century, but the members of the Nine change regularly, sometimes as the result of assassination. The council meets in the Bandeshar, the former palace of the archmage Nex in the capital city of Quantium.[2]

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