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One of the eight schools of arcane magic recognized throughout Golarion, conjuration focuses on summoning magical effects and creatures. A wizard that specializes in conjuration is called a conjurer, though the term can also be used to incorrectly refer to any arcane caster by those not familiar with the individual schools of magic.[citation needed]

Conjuration and Conjurers throughout Golarion[]

At the Acadamae, Korvosa's premier magical institute for the instruction of specialist wizards, conjuration is favored over the other eight schools of study. An important benchmark for all students at the Acadamae is the summoning of an imp whether they are conjurers or not. Many of these imps are released into the area surrounding the school and one each year an arial battle erupts between the imps and Korvosa's native population of psuedodragons.[citation needed]

Conjurers, especially if they are also diabolists, find a lot of favor in Cheliax. Living in a country where the state religion is the worship of Asmodeus, Cheliax's citizens tend to respect all arcane spell casters due to their assumed connections to Hell.[citation needed]

The Eight Schools of Magic