Cold Rider
Cold Rider
Type Fey
Environment Any cold

Source: Carnival of Tears, pg(s). 27-28

Former fey princes, the cold riders are now servants of the icy queen of Irrisen. They serve as her stag-like messengers and often lead of other groups of dark fey, expanding her power wherever there is cold and darkness.


Cold riders appear as heavily armored humanoids coated in rimefrost and creaking as they move. Cold riders range from between seven and nine feet tall and always strike an imposing figure. From its head sprout two antlers of dark blue ice, twisted and sharp. It carries a glaive made of a similarly coloured ice that looks just as sharp as metal and unnaturally hungry for blood. Instead of eyes they have only small whirlwinds of frosty vapour. Cold riders are always mounted on their unholy mount which is a rotting frozen stags corpse, often the corpse of the very stag whose heart was implanted in their chest when they were created.[1]

Habitat & ecologyEdit

Cold riders are only found in cold locations. They are most commonly found in Irrisen but frequently go further south to find other fey to corrupt. Cold riders are not born but are instead created by the witch queen of Irrisen when a powerful fey is brought before her. She tears the fey's heart out then replaces it with the rotting heart of a dead stag. They are then wrapped in the freezing armour they will wear for the rest of their unnatural existance. As created creatures, cold riders have no place in the natural order of the world unlike most fey. Instead they delight in the corruption of other fey and the stealing of men's souls for their wicked queen.[1]


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Icy Regeneration 
Whenever in contact with ice or snow a cold rider can regenerate.
Quicksilver Glaive 
All cold riders are equipped with special glaives that melt when used by non-fey.
Unholy mount 
If ever without an unholy mount, a cold rider can create a new one.[1]