The Coins
Nation Absalom
Size Absalom city district
Government conventional (district council)

Source: Guide to Absalom

The Coins district in Absalom resides just north of the great city's docks.[1] This area is home to much of the trade, both legal and illegal, that occurs within Absalom and the transient nature of its primarily merchant population facilitates the illicit exchange of drugs, slaves and other contraband.[1] Despite its reputation, some areas of the district remain more respectable, such as the Monger's Mart and the Grand Bazaar where the potential for profit outweighs the risk of unlawful dealings.[1] But wherever money changes hands tempers and greed can get the best of even the most civil of men, and the Coins reports more murders than any other district of Absalom save the Puddles.[1]

Commerce goes on in the district at all hours of day and night: taverns are open 24 hours a day, magical and natural illumination keeps markets open through the night, and public Time Callers shout the hour on the street.[2] The most notable areas and stores of the district include Bail House, the Grand Bazaar, the Red Silk Route, the Saucy Wench, Hackamore House, Misery Row, The Eternal Shackle, The Devil's Advocates, the Scales of Labor, Mudhaven, the Temple of Lost Coins, and Monger's Mart. [2] A statue of a two-headed owlbear is a notable landmark in the district.[3]


Myleena of House Arnsen is the Nomarch of the Coin Council. [2] Another member of the Coin Council, Lord Navvem of House Wachail, holds the position of Slave Overseer. [2]

District GuardEdit

The Coins District Guard is colloquially known as the "Token Guard", and takes a lenient view of crime.[2] The guard only responds to offenses when paid to do so by a private concern or to avoid the attention of the primarch.[2] The Token Guard's most typical response to a disturbance is to arrest everyone at the scene and hold them for disturbing the peace at Bail House until someone posts bail.[2]