Cinder Wolf
Cinder Wolf
Type Magical beast
CR 2
Environment temperate or warm deserts

Source: Pathfinder 10: A History of Ashes, pg(s). 84-85

The cinder wolf is a charred creature that looks perfectly at home in the burnt and desolate wilderness of the Cinderlands. They are pack hunters and are willing to attack anything they can feed on including local Shoanti. As such they are often hunted by the Shoanti to keep their numbers from getting too great. Cinder wolves are normally at their most numerous before the annual firestorms which sweep the Cinderlands.


Cinder wolves are massive lupines whose skin appears to have been burned to a crisp. They typically have no fur, exposing their scabbed and blistered flesh. All the soft parts of a cinder wolf's skin are easily burnt away by their own body heat, making their ears charred nubs and leaving their mouths constant, lipless snarls.

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Scholars believe that cinder wolves originally come from the cross breeding of Kodar wolves and hellhounds. Infernal flames burn within the cinder wolf. Unfortunately despite generations of breeding the hellhounds infernal blood does not mix well with that of regular wolves. The cinder wolf has to consume many times its own weight in food each week to keep its infernal flames fed. It must stay near sources of heat to stop its burning skin cooling to much which cause it to crack painfully. Worst of all, baby cinder wolves do not develop their resistance to fire until late in the pregnancy and so all suffer burns whilst still in the womb.

Cinder wolves reside exclusively in the Cinderlands as it is uniquely suited to their needs. Cinder wolves tend to lair near one of the region's unique heat-exuding features like gas fields or cinder cones. This helps stop their skin getting too cold and rupturing. Cinder wolves have to be cautious as despite their infernal nature they are only resistant to fire not immune to it. This means the region's most deadly hazards, emberstorms are just as deadly to the cinder wolves as they are to the rest of the Cinderlands' inhabitants.


The Cinder Wolf's abilities draw either from its Canine or Infernal heritage. They are efficient predators and use all of these abilities when hunting their prey.

Fast Healing 
Whenever a Cinder Wolf takes fire damage it heals as much damage as its fire resistance resisted.
Fiery Body 
The bite of a Cinder Wolf deals additional fire damage.
Whenever a Cinder Wolf hits with its bite attack it can attempt to trip its opponent as a free action.