Choral Rogarvia
Aliases Choral the Conqueror
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Iobaria, later Brevoy
Organization House Rogarvia
Died 46th century AR

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 61

Choral Rogarvia, or as he became to be known, Choral the Conqueror, invaded the area that would become modern-day Brevoy in 4499 AR. Before he conquered the northern kingdom of Issia, he worked out an agreement with Lord Nikos Surtova at the edge of the Lake of Mists and Veils in 4499 AR. The two men staked out a truce that was bound with the promise of Nikos' daughter Myrna Surtova in marriage to Choral.[1] In the agreement, Issia's ruling House Surtova kept much of its power and wealth while they served as vassals under Choral's leadership.[2]

The Aldori Swordlords from southern Rostland, however, did not accede to a peace with Choral and were defeated by a pair of Choral's red dragon allies at the Valley of Fire.[2]

Choral's descendants ruled Brevoy from the Dragonscale Throne at the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven for exactly two hundred years until every member of the noble house disappeared in 4699 AR.[2]

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