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Type Aberration
CR 2
Environment Underground

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 45

Chokers are small, fast predators, common in underground areas. In recent years, they have proven themselves to be quite adaptable – despite their limited intelligence – by becoming an increasing nuisance in the Varisian city of Korvosa.


Chokers are small halfling-sized creatures, averaging 35 pounds[1] (though larger man-sized specimens have been reported[2]). Despite their size, they have extraordinarily long arms and legs.[1] These limbs are boneless,[3] and each ends in five tentacular fingers with an array of spines on the anterior. Chokers travel on their legs, or all-fours as the situation dictates, and have a gait that humanoids find disturbing and unnatural, due to their boneless limbs.[1] Their wobbly locomotion has led to some commoners to question if the creatures have any skeleton at all.[4]

Habitat & Ecology[]

A clutch of chokers surround their prey in the Shingles

Chokers are found throughout the Inner Sea region, both in Avistan[5] and Garund[2], and have also been reported in the far southern parts of Garund.[6] They generally live underground, from the periphery of surface ruins to the secluded depths of Sekamina.[7] From time to time, though, a choker will become curious about the world above, and make its way to the dark alleys and abandoned buildings of surface cities.[1] Korvosa's Shingles areas are particularly notable for their high choker populations.[8]

Chokers are opportunistic hunters. They will wait in the darkness—often perched up high—for prey to happen by, and then strike with astonishing speed.[1] In urban areas, they have been known to take prey from top-floor balconies and to reach down chimney's to ensnare unaware prey.[8] Smaller prey and individuals tend to be their preferred target.[1]


Chokers are of limited intelligence and have little society of their own. Despite this, they are often fascinated by the products of more advanced cultures, and have been known to collect small tokens from their prey with which to festoon their lairs.[1] Chokers are socially advanced enough to identify themselves and others with names,[5] and occasionally form rudimentary friendships or alliances with less savory humans.[9] Most chokers speak Undercommon,[1] though some that have been born and raised in urban areas speak Taldane.[9]