The Chitterwood is a large hardwood forest, located in southern Isger between the Keld and Iseld rivers.[1] It is best known as the base from which the humanoid attacks of the Goblinblood Wars (4697-4701 AR) were launched.[2][3]

Geography Edit

Much of the forest was destroyed by fire in an effort to drive out the goblins, and many years later it still shows these scars. Entrances to the Caverns of Chitterwood can be found throughout the wood, and it is here that the majority of the goblin tribes make their homes.[4]


The village of Gillamoor can be found just a stone's throw from the trade route known as the Conerica Straights, on the edge of the wood. It has been quarantined by Isger's army who believe that its inhabitants have been transformed into ravenous, undead creatures.[5]


The most notorious denizens of the Chitterwood are the hundreds of goblin tribes that still make their home there, despite the wholesale slaughter brought on by the Goblinblood Wars. They carry such names as True Hoard, Spine Threshers, and the People of the Stirge, and they do their best to rebuild their decimated populations. These goblins are known to be particularly crafty and well-organized.[4]

It is also rumored that a dangerous hodag hunts here, and has hunted here for hundreds of years. Storytellers claim that the creature is now a living shadow and that safety from the beast can only be found in sunlight.[6]

Economy Edit

Silk worms found in the Chitterwood are cultivated to produce fine silk valued throughout Avistan.[7]