Chaotic and neutral can also be completely random and unpredictable. They can change alliances at any time or stay with a leader for years. The chaotic and neutral character feels that there is no plan for the universe. Things just happen. They tend to believe in luck and chance rather than fate and predetermination. They don't care what happens to others, but they won't necessarily take a course to harm others. If someone is in the way of their happiness, they can kill the individual or do something else. Their priorities tend to change as they experience new things in life. They may even appear to adhere to another alignment for a period of time, only to change at an inappropriate time. They can be the worst cheaters, irreverent people, not for gain, but for pure fun. The chaotic and neutral cannot be driven by fame or wealth, but only take actions to see what happens.

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The Nine Alignments

Lawful goodNeutral goodChaotic good
Lawful neutralNeutralChaotic neutral
Lawful evilNeutral evilChaotic evil

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