Chained Spirit
Chained spirit
Type Undead
CR 14
Environment any

Source: Pathfinder 11: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 78-79

Chained spirits are phantoms that failed in life to guard a certain place that has resulted in their death. After they die, their spirit is bound to the place they were supposed to guard, unable to move any distance from it. They are further secured in place by spirit anchors which both trap them in place as well as increase their power.


A chained spirit appears much like any phantom—incorporeal and faint—however they are made more distinctive by the heavy chains that wrap around their body and stretch off into the ether. Some seem to stretch away from the chained spirit through walls and ceilings whilst other seem to collect and pool on the floor beneath it. They appear to be constricting and crushing the chained spirit as if in eternal punishment.[1]

Habitat and EcologyEdit

Chained spirits are created when someone who was supposed to guard a place or item dies failing in the task. They are able to create spirit anchors from nearby evil creature which serve to empower the chained spirit, making it difficult to hit and making its wounds heal quickly. However these also bind the spirit in place for all eternity, unable to move without being returned to its prison within a few seconds. While anchored in this fashion the chained spirit becomes technically invulnerable as it cannot be permanently destroyed until its spirit anchors are.[1][2]


The chain that anchors a chained spirit to the material world are real and can be used lash out it its opponents.
Chain Spirit 
This is a chained spirit's ability to create new spirit anchors.
Spectral Binding 
A chained spirit is bound to the spot, if it has spirit anchors, unable to move far from the location without being drawn back to where it was bound.
Spirit Anchor 
Chained spirits gains many defensive abilities by binding themselves to spirit anchors. These spirit anchors also suffer like the chained spirit, unable to move from where they are bound.[1][2]