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Mark Moreland
Homepage Mark Moreland - Freelance Author & Editor
Born January 15, 1982
Hometown Seattle, WA
Position Developer

Mark Moreland, perhaps better known as yoda8myhead, was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. He attended college at New York University, where he received a BFA in film and television production. An active member of Paizo Publishing's messageboards and an Administrator on this very wiki, Mark aspired to contribute to Pathfinder, a goal he realized in October 2009 when his first adventure, The Pallid Plague, was selected for publication as part of a Pathfinder Society open call. In August 2010, Mark began working as a Paizo staff member as developer. In addition to work for Paizo, Mark has also edited Pathfinder RPG adventures and supplements for many publishers, including Gun Metal Games and Rite Publishing. He can often be found here on PathfinderWiki, the Paizo messageboards, or PFTools chat.

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