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Ed Greenwood
Born 1959
Hometown Ontario, Canada
Position Contributor

Ed Greenwood is best known as the creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Since 1987, Ed's Realms have grown into one of the most popular series of setting sourcebooks in gaming history and has spawned dozens of New York Times best-selling works of fiction, some penned by Greenwood himself. Ed remains very active in the Realms both through Wizards of the Coast and fan-created websites like Candlekeep. He first contributed to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting as part of the star-studded design team on the Campaign Setting. At PaizoCon 2009, James Jacobs revealed that Ed would also be working heavily on the Kingmaker adventure path, providing major NPCs and villains. When not writing books, Ed keeps himself busy by attending conventions and working as a library clerk in Canada where he lives at a farmhouse in Ontario.

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