A lashunta warrior looks out upon Castrovel's magnificent landscape.

Castrovel (pronounced KAHS-tro-vel)[1], the Green Planet is the second planet from Golarion's sun and the blue planet's closest neighbor. While Akiton is generally associated with warfare, Castrovel often represents fertility and lust. These generalizations are well-founded, as the planet is almost entirely covered in teeming jungles, endless swamps, and strange clouds of colored gas.[2][3]


The planet is ruled by a race of psionic matriarchal humanoids called lashunta. The females of the species resemble idealized human women with antennae, while the males are squat and ugly and known for their martial prowess. Riding enormous lizard steeds, the lashunta patrol the edges of their city-states, driving off the dangerous fauna of the fetid jungles.[2]

Another species which is known to live on Castrovel is that of the feline coeurl, although it is not known if they are native or were brought there from somewhere else.[4]


Like most of the planets in the solar system, Castrovel is known to have a number of magical portals, linking the Green Planet to its neighbors. The lashunta warrior-scholars learned the workings of these gates long ago, especially the ones that connect Castrovel to Akiton. Because of this, these two planets probably have the closest relationship of any in the solar system.[5]




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