Imps and pseudodragons battle above Castle Korvosa amid a violent thunderstorm.

The towering, impressive heart of the city of Korvosa, Castle Korvosa towers over every other building. Two pieces comprise Castle Korvosa: the Grand Mastaba and the high-walled citadel itself.

Atop the flat-topped pyramid of the Grand Mastaba Castle Korvosa rises high above Citadel Hill. Only the king, his immediate family, the seneschal of the castle, and his family may live in Castle Korvosa. Either the king or the seneschal can invite long-term guests (such as the king’s small harem), but the other can evict these guests at any time (except during times of war).

Since the completion of the main walls in 4464 AR, multiple lord magistrates, seneschals, and monarchs have added to the section of the castle within the high stone walls. As such, despite a relatively consistent neo-Chelaxian styling, the castle’s main keep contains many mismatched and randomly placed towers, walls, and stairs.[citation needed]

The seneschal is Neolandus Kalepopolis.

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