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Region Taldor
Size Metropolis
Population 32,340
Government Governor and nobility
Alignment Neutral

Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 4

Cassomir is located at the mouth of the Sellen River, and is the second largest settlement in the empire of Taldor. It acts as a major trade city, and through its ports enter goods from the Inner Sea, as well as from nations to the north that utilize the Sellen as a trade route. Cassomir is also home to Taldor's navy, and serves as the location of the nation's imperial shipyards.[1][2]


Cassomir is situated at the mouth of the Sellen River, a position that grants it considerable power as a trade city between the Inner Sea and the inland nations along the river's banks. The Sellen empties into the nearby Star Bay, which acts as a natural weigh station where the Taldan imperial navy secures payment from anyone wishing to access the river itself. The Bay also acts as the western border of the Jagged Saw, a dangerous span of coastline that continues to the mouth of the River Porthmos, to the southeast.[2][3]


Cassomir is the home of the imperial shipyards, and lumber from the Verduran Forest to the north is transported down the river in order to fuel Taldor's naval production. It also acts as a major trade city, bringing in goods from both the Inner Sea region and inland nations to the north, as well as taxing any vessels seeking access to the Sellen River itself.[2]


Settlements of Taldor

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