Type Undead
CR 1
Environment any (near ghouls)

Source: Pathfinder 2: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 83

A carrionstorm is a flock of undead carrion birds, generally crows, who have come back to life after eating the diseased flesh of a ghoul.[1]


Mockeries of their living cousins, these undead carrion birds show advanced states of decay and disease. Their molting wings barely hold them aloft, and their eyes glow with a malevolent hunger. Attracted by their rotting flesh, they are generally covered in insects. Unlike crows, a carrionstorm does not caw, and their victims often have only the soft rustle of wings to warn them of their approach.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

A carrionstorm can be found near any area where ghouls are prevalent, such as haunted structures or graveyards. They hunger for the flesh of living things, especially that of humanoids. For an unknown reason they are drawn to those who worship Urgathoa, and will not attack someone openly carrying a symbol of the Pallid Princess.[1]



Those caught in the middle of a carrionstorm are quickly sickened by their abominable stench.[1]

Vulnerable to Turning 

Like other undead, a carrionstorm can be greatly harmed by a devout adherent of a good deity.[1]