Carrion Tribe
Type Social
Structure Tribal
Members Gnolls

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 16

The gnolls of the Pale Mountain region consists of several smaller and mostly disorganized tribes united under the rule of the Carrion King. The Carrion Tribe gnolls have mostly abandoned the worship of Lamashtu for that of Rovagug.[1]

From his throne upon Pale Mountain's slopes, the Carrion King commands hundreds of gnolls. Among the ramshackle hordes, bands of raiders and slavers, and lone murderers, four noteworthy tribes serve the warlord: Al'Chorhaiv, The Circle, Three Jaws and Wormhollow.[2]

Lesser tribes of Pale Mountain are the Al'Vohr's Hunters, The Ghulveis, The Sordaiv and the Wyrmslaves.[3]