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Caphorite is a crystalline mineral found throughout the darklands in lodes ranging from around a hundred pounds to several tons. It is also frequently called drowstone because of its association with the drow who frequently plant fungal farms and other plants near the ore as it seems to enhance the growth rate of their crops. It emits an strange orange-purple glow.

Radiation from caphorite seems to have no long term effect on living creatures, but does seem to possess a faint aura of transmutation that can affects a large variety of plants.In some cases it is also rumored to impart sentience such as with the vegepygmies.

Direct exposure to sunlight, whether natural or artificial, causes caphorite crystals to darken and dissolve into a sticky ash.

Caphorite crystals are also pulverized into a powder and then melted before being used as an additive to many metals smelted in the Darklands.[1]