The Candlestone Caverns are a vast labyrinth of limestone tunnels and caves located in the northeastern Aspodell Mountains of Andoran. They were exposed only two centuries ago in an earthquake. The caverns themselves are inhabited by dangerous vermin,[1] kobolds of the Black Claw tribe,[2] duergar, and undead, although the main denizens are numerous tribes of gremlins and other subterranean fey. The Caverns provide the most direct route from the surface to the Nar-Voth settlement of the fey known as the Court of Ether.[1]

Dangerous creatures from deeper in the Darklands find their way up through the caverns as well, and pose a threat to the local denizens as well as the nearby surface-dwellers. The clever kobolds of the Black Claw tribe have responded to this by creating a series of one-directional tunnels bypassing their territory and leading directly to the surface. In this way, many of the abominations which might never see the light of day, are provided with a direct and unobstructed route to Andoran, much to the consternation of the local humans. The kobolds have thus unintentionally given those able to track the Darkland creature's tracks, an easy, trap-free path from the surface into the Darklands.[2]

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