Type Humanoid
CR 2
Environment temperate mountains

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 38

Bugbears are monstrous nocturnal hunters whose prey is anything that can experience the full height of fear and terror.


A bugbear is a medium humanoid, rising to the the same height as a human, though preferring to walk while stooped. Short, dark fur spreads all across its powerful, hulking frame. Its large ears hang loosely from its skull, and its eyes are unnaturally large, in which nothing but sadistic desires live.[1] It is not unusual for bugbears to reach nearly 7 feet in height and weigh in at 400 pounds.[2]




Being the largest member of the goblinoid family, bugbears tend to be loners. Unlike their smaller cousins, bugbears tend to avoid congregating in large groups, though it's not unheard to to find small bands acting as guards/excutioners within larger goblinoid settlements.

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