Brine drake
Type Dragon
Environment Plane of Water
Alignment N/A

Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 20

Brine drakes are dragons native to the Elemental Plane of Water. Covered in spines and frills, they are believed to have originated as elemental creatures in the area between the Plane of Water and Earth, although some speculate that they could also be transplants from another plane. They inhabit the darker, more saline depths of their home plane, far from the light of the Plane of Air. Their main competitors are the sahuagin and the marids, with whom they are in frequent conflict.[1]

The most powerful of their kind is Kelizandri, said to be the child of a brine drake and a minor divine power. He rules his realm of Kelizandrika and is in frequent conflict with the neighboring sahuagin kingdoms.[2]