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Titles The Whisper in the Bronze
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Invention
Cleric Alignments
Domains Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge
Favored Weapon light hammer

Brigh is the goddess of invention and seems to particularly favor those inventions that seem to take on a life of their own like clockworks or constructs. Unfortunately the sort of creative minds who engage in the sort of invention that Brigh most favours are those who are not prone to worship—they tend to devote themselves to invention instead. As a result her following is not very large. Many of her followers see her as the personification of their chosen form. No one seems to know whether Brigh was once a mortal granted divinity or whether she was a construct granted not only life but a potent spark of true divinity.[1]


Brigh is normally shown as either a woman made entirely of intricate bronze clockwork topped with a metal skullcap or as a woman clad in clockwork armour. Her holy symbol is a feminine mask with a single rune engraved on the forehead.[1]


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