Nation Cheliax
Population 3,500

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 70-71

Brastlewark is an almost exclusively gnomish city in eastern Cheliax, located on the western edge of the Aspodell Mountains.[1] It is believed to be the largest gnome settlement in all of Avistan, perhaps even in the entire world. The city has a proportionately large population of bards, wizards, alchemists and artists, and the gnomish need for new experiences (see Bleaching) guarantees that the look of Brastlewark is undergoing constant modification.[2]

The city provides one of the first defenses against any aggression from the east. It sits on the northern edge of the only easy land route between Cheliax and Andoran. To help better protect their country, the gnomes of Brastlewark are helping to build a wall between the Aspodells down to Aspo Bay.[3]