Nation Rahadoum
Population 23,540

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 123

The Rahadoumi city of Botosani lies on the Arcadian Ocean on the west coast of the Kingdom of Man. As with the rest of the nation, religion is completely banned in the city but persistent rumors of a cult of Iomedae have recently gained enough credence to be considered a threat, resulting in an increase in activity among the Pure Legion. The ongoing famine besetting Botosani makes fully devoting the resources needed difficult for the Legion, however, and they now look for outside help to either rout the cult by force or to create a public spectacle which they could then clean up. Famine and cults are not the only threats to the well-being of Botosani, though, as three times in the last half century the city has been the victim of a terrible plague and pirates from the nearby Shackles continue to make trouble for the nation's navy and trading vessels going to and from the busy port. Being the major Rahadoumi port nearest the Eye of Abendego, where the pirates often flee for refuge, it is here that able seamen and naval guides are most in demand to help track down and dispatch the seafaring threats.[1]


Cities of Rahadoum