Little is known of the Book of Serpents, Ash, and Acorns—Shadows of What Was and Will Be, a supposedly intelligent tome which provides the most complete information concerning travel to the mysterious Dimension of Time. Originally discovered in a market in the Plane of Fire's City of Brass, it is cold to the touch and contains pages made of a malleable form of compacted ash. Only creatures originally from the Inner Sphere are able to use the information in this book, as deities and other inhabitants of the Outer Sphere seem unable to reach this realm. The author of the work is unknown, as are his or her intentions in penning the book. Even though travel to the Dimension of Time is not dangerous in itself, any attempt to interfere with one's own past is dealt with quite harshly, with the offending person trapped in an inescapable logic loop or excised completely from reality as we know it. The book's mysterious epilogue simply reads: "In Stethelos, I am waiting", although no one knows to whom or what this refers.[1]