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Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Neutral
Denizens Pharasma
outsiders petitioning for souls
all unjudged souls
neutral souls
Description Vast city surrounding great temple, atop an immense spire rising from Axis

The Boneyard is a neutral Plane in which the souls of dead mortals are judged by the goddess Pharasma. It lies "above" Axis and "below" Groetus. At the center of the Boneyard is Pharasma's palace, where she sits on her throne and judges each of the dead souls that pass before her; an endless line of them winds out of her throne room through the surrounding graveyard. In many ways, the Boneyard is like purgatory: a place for you to come to terms with your death (or in some cases attempt to escape). When a soul is judged, it gets sent on to Heaven or Hell or wherever it is supposed to go. Those who worship Pharasma and do so well get to join her staff in her palace in death. Those who worship her poorly or for whatever reason mess something up (such as some, but not all, heretics and blasphemers) get buried in the Boneyard itself, which is not a pleasant fate. Agnostics and atheists do not get buried in the Boneyard.[1]


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