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Bloatmages, also known as hemotheurges, are arcanists who cast spells strengthened by their own blood. They produce excess blood to be used for power in spells and rituals. This blood pools in the folds of skin as blood vessels burst, giving the hemotheurge a grotesquely overweight look (and thus their common name). They use leeches to increase the blood flow in their bodies and clean the blood of toxins left behind from the spells they create. With all of the excess blood flowing through their veins, these mages place their leeches strategically, for they have found the extra blood can cause tantrums of uncontrolled rage, with fat limbs and blood magic being thrown around haphazardly. The leeches serve a higher purpose than managing the demeanor of the bloatmages, though, and if too many of them are removed for an extended period of time, the hemotheurge risks death due to over-saturation of blood within their system.[1][2]

Bloatmages in Golarion[]

  • While bloatmages can be found throughout Golarion, there is a relatively large population of them in the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. In 4707, Pathfinder Eando Kline sought out one such hemotheurge, named Neschiel to attain an ioun stone for use with his wayfinder.[1]
  • Another group of hemotheurges lives or did live (their current status is unknown) in the Mushfens of southern Varisia. It is with this group that the powerful bloatmage Togomor was first initiated.[3]