The Blakros family is a house that gained prominence smuggling relics and information across the Qadiran-Taldan border.[1][2][3] This began during the Grand Campaign in the early 42nd century AR. Starting sometime around the year 4200, the Blakroses tried to circumvent the war zones by making a deal with the Onyx Alliance for smuggling routes through the Plane of Shadow in return for the first-born daughter of each generation, as well as other slaves on a monthly basis. Matriarch Hamaria Blakros finally contracted help to break this agreement to save her twins.[3]

Although the family is thought to have originally been Taldan, its matriarchs have padded their treasury by marrying their famously beautiful and fertile daughters to suitors of various ethnicities from across the world. In addition to the dowry from the future in-laws, they require that the bride keep her own surname and raise all her children as Blakroses.[1][2][3] Married Blakros women form a spy network spanning Golarion.[2]

Some hundreds of years after the disappearance of Ralzeros the Overwatched, the Blakros family bought his observatory in Absalom. When they eventually moved their base to larger estates, they turned the building into the Blakros Museum, a repository for their many treasures. Since 4708 AR, the family has several times used Pathfinders to deal with troubles caused by dangerous relics and portals in the museum, a relationship that began with help from Adril Hestram, a former colleague of Nigel Aldain.[1][2][3]


Dhrami Blakros, married to Nigel Aldain, curator of the Blakros Museum[1]

Eleanir Blakros, matriarch's daughter[3]

Hamaria Blakros, matriarch[3]

Imrizade Blakros, adventurer[2]

Michellia Blakros, matriarch's daughter[3]