The Blackscour mushrooms are a rare flora most commonly found growing deep in the earth around swampy pools. Eating any part of the blackscour mushroom subjects the diner to a disease called blackscour taint . [1] This disease can even be contracted by just drinking the water blackscour mushrooms have grown in. [2] Some races that live underground supposedly cultivate these mushrooms, although why is not currently known.[1] as there is currently no known use for blackscour [3]


Blackscour mushrooms are short and fat, with a black cap covered with small, white spots. The smells that they emit are easily confused with that of a rotting corpse, and tastes bitter.[1]

Known locationsEdit

Most commonly blackscour grows underground.[1] An above ground patch has been found in Darkmoon Vale[1][2] Rumor is that the kobolds living in the dwarven ruins of Droskar's Crag forced it to the surface.[1]