The Black Claw are a large clan of kobolds inhabiting the Candlestone Caverns, located in the Aspodell Mountains of northeastern Andoran. They are the dominant kobold tribe in the Caverns, having numerous smaller tribes who pay them fealty. Their name comes from the destructive practice of the warriors coating their claws in spider venom during times of war. This makes them more deadly, but also leads to their eventual death through prolonged exposure to the poison, which is difficult to wash off.[1]

The members of this tribe are ingenious trap-makers, and the local human population has learned to quickly avoid areas where they can be found. The Black Claw are also the creators of a series of one-way tunnels which help to protect the kobolds from the predation of dangerous Darklands predators. These routes funnel the dark abominations from below the Caverns, past the Black Claw territory, releasing them onto the surface world.[2]