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Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-09:
The Heresy of Man Part III:
Beneath Forgotten Sands
File:Beneath Forgotten Sands Cover.jpg
Publisher's Product Page
Author(s) Greg A. Vaughan & Kevin J. Wright
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Price PDF: $3.99
Released November 2010
Type Pathfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Society
Season 2 scenarios
The Heresy of Man
Follows The Sarkorian Prophecy
Precedes Fury of the Fiend
Artwork from Beneath Forgotten Sands

Beneath the desolate deserts of godless Rahadoum, the Pathfinder Society races against time to beat the traitorous Shadow Lodge to an ancient Jistkan citadel. But their rivals aren't the only obstacle in the PCs' way: the long-lost ruins teem with terrible outsiders set on manipulation and destruction, including a self-proclaimed avatar of the div god Ahriman. Beneath Forgotten Sands brings the three-part Heresy of Man series to a stunning conclusion.