Nation Andoran
Size Large town
Population 4,800
Demographics 79% human, 9% halfling, 5% elf, 3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc
Government Conventional (town council)
Alignment Neutral good
Leader Mayor Brigrim Tell

Source: Realm of the Fellnight Queen, pg(s). 3-4

Bellis is a remote settlement that can be found in the stretch of the Verduran Forest controlled by the nation of Andoran, along the banks of the Sellen River. Established as a lumber town, it now produces additional agricultural goods in addition to cut timber.[1]

History Edit

Bellis was founded roughly fifty years ago, when the nation of Andoran decided to seek out additional sources of timber to harvest.[1]

Geography Edit

The town of Bellis can be found within the Verduran Forest, in eastern Andoran. This settlement is located along the west bank of the Sellen River, which in turn flows along the nation's border with Taldor.[1]

Economy Edit

The primary reason for Bellis' founding was to supplement decreased timber resources found in Andoran's Arthfell Forest and Darkmoon Wood. The town has proven to be agriculturally rich as well; Bellis is known to produce high quality honey, beeswax, and mead.[1]

References Edit