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Beldrin's Bluff was once among the finest and most elegant neighborhoods in Absalom, but is today among the poorest, most derelict and abandoned in the city.

The area grew in prominence when the mysterious Beldrin, a powerful and enigmatic arcanist, built a tri-spired ivory tower atop the majestic rocky cliffs along the Isle of Kortos' southern shore, on the edge of the Precipice Quarter. Wishing to live in the majestic shadow of this architectural wonder, the city's wealthiest nobles, artisans, and merchants flocked to the neighborhood, bringing prosperity and culture to the entire district.[1]

Seeing Beldrin's Bluff today, however, one would never know of its past days of glory. In 4698 AR the Isle was hit with a terrible earthquake which sheered off the edge of the cliffs and sent two of Beldrin's towers and several blocks of the district into the sea below.[2] The elite residents of the district, in fear that the rest of the cliff was soon to follow, fled the neighborhood, leaving behind blocks of abandoned buildings and crumbling structures.

The district is now only sparsely populated and remains one of the most dangerous parts of Absalom. Rumors of hauntings and magical mishaps left over from Beldrin's research plague the few residents who remain, but these rumors keep eager adventurers and Pathfinders flowing into the neighborhood to explore and brave the very dangers that are now so prevalent in this once-idyllic quarter.[1]