Beatific One
Beatific One
Type Outsider
CR 9
Environment any

Source: Escape from Old Korvosa, pg(s). 82-83

Servitors of a distant and mysterious Vudran pantheon almost unknown in Avistan and Garund, beatific ones are deadly servants of the divine, all but unmatched in close combat. Beatific ones are one of the most feared asura.


Beatific ones bear a resemblance to a toned, golden-skinned Vudrani woman. They are supposedly paragons of physical perfection except that in place of a normal head she has one with three faces, each with a similar visage. Each face looks like a woman's face except that it features large curved fangs. Beatific ones also have six arms, each capable of wielding a sharp, deadly Vudran weapon.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Beatific ones spend most of their time not on the Material Plane in the depths of Hell, specifically the domain of destructive Vudran deities. They tend to dwell in ziggurat-like lairs. The main drive of a beatific one's existence is to test and torment mortal warriors with their near-peerless mastery of melee. Beatific ones are said to be masters of every type of weapon ever created and know the moves of every martial art. They live to bring low great warriors, test the prowess of heroes and participate in the greatest battles. Beatific ones are also known to torture the souls of evil mortals and are used to dish out the wrath of the Vudran gods.[2]


Continuous Barrage 
If a beatific one hits with the last and weakest of its flurry of blows then it can attack again and again until it misses.
Flurry of Blows 
Beatific ones can make multiple attacks.
Summon Asura 
A beatific one can summon additional asura to assist it in combat.[2]